The Brain – the story of you

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Who are you? No, seriously, who are you? Where in your body is that part that is truly you, the one that has control and decision power?

Tell me. Is it the brain?

But how do you know that? How can some grey matter that stays inert in your skull be you? Are you a brain in a vat, dreaming the daily life? Again, whatever your answer is, my question is how do you know? Do you trust your senses and your intuition?

David Eagleman invites us to discover the mysteries of the brain. And when I say discover I want to say marvel at the things we don’t understand. We don’t know all the answers, but we are on the way to ask the right questions.


XPG – games in-between

Since times immemorial (a few decades ago), the vast majority of games evolved into video games and the dream of living into one blossomed. Quests for complex rules and winning strategies twisted and shifting into quests for immersion which also evolved into maximum entertainment with friends. Or competitive gameplay and tournaments and esports, with fixed rules.

We are at a strange time in history. We are oversaturated by games. Games on the street, games at home, games on the computer, games on consoles, games on phones, games at work, games on weekends. And yet we always keep in mind that clear line that separates us from the game world. We sometimes step inside it but we always come back and the only thing we remember from those games are fragmented memories of silliness or winning strategies.


Horus Rising (Horus Heresy #1)

The very beginnings of the fall of Horus
Philosophical and political topics about the position of humanity in the galaxy
Religion practiced in secret in the age of illumination

There are two types of readers. Those who know Warhammer 40K and those who will know. So, let’s start with the boring introduction. Warhammer 40K is a miniature hobby board game released a long time ago in the UK that has gained an international audience ever since. The game has an extensive lore and plenty of books, audio drama, and games (board games or video games) have been produced about its Universe. Soon, this year as of writing, Warhammer will delve into the video format and give us a streaming service and some animations movies, and someday in the future probably even a live-action movie.

Anyway, I have zero interest in the 40K video games (most of them are mediocre anyway) or in the board games or in collecting miniatures (though they look badass in the hand of a skilled painter). I’m also not interested in military SF books that describe battle scenes in excruciating detail. So what am I interested in?


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