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Hero of the Imperium Omnibus by Sandy Mitchell – Review

hero of the imperium

The best time to run is just before you see the enemy. That is because you can still keep your heroic appearance if your soldiers won the battle. And if not, at least you get to live another day. And serve the Emperor in another war. But mostly you get to live. And that’s how a hero of the imperium is made.

The adventures of Ciaphas Cain, imperial commissar and unlikely hero, start in the Hero of the Imperium omnibus, where only the finest heroic tales are collected by your favorite inquisitor, someone you’ll soon meet in the first book.

Hero of the Imperium – quick overview

Hero of the Imperium omnibus, written by Sandy Mitchell, collects the first three novels in the Cain Ciaphas series, and a few short stories. Released for the first time in 2007, it contains the novels For the Emperor (published: 2003), Caves of Ice (2004), and The Traitor’s Hand (2005), as well as the short stories Fight or Flight, Echoes of the Tomb, and The Beguiling.

It is often said that this is the most humorous series of the Warhammer 40K Universe, and if you’ve only read Space Marines stories, you already know almost anything is more cheery than those guys. Cain, while still heroic by any standard, is very concerned about one thing: how to stay alive and look good doing it. People say it resembles Blackadder in space (Warhammer 40K Universe, more specifically), but as I never watched that series, I don’t know what to tell you.


Dead Men Walking by Steve Lyons – Review

dead men walking

Dead Men Walking starts with a Necron invasion. But who or what are Necrons? The Necrons are the terminators of Warhammer 40K Universe. Hard to kill, they always get back up, made from a self-repair metallic skeleton. How in the Emperor’s name do you defeat these things? Of course, you call the…

Space Marines.

Nope. My mistake. Not this time. This time, the space marines are busy.

You call the Imperial Guards made up of simple soldiers, humans versus an unlimited number of Necrons. Surely this doesn’t sound good. Okay, then let’s bring the Death Korps of Krieg, which are humans that act like machines, don’t have names, and are willing to die at command.

Dead Men Walking – a quick overview

Dead Men Walking is a gem of a book, written by Steve Lyons. In the vast ocean of Warhammer literature, sometimes brilliant writing like this one appears. What makes this book special is that the author is not interested in getting the lore of Necrons right (blasphemy). Or even the Imperial Guard. What he aimed in this book is writing a human story about well, dehumanization, without glorifying war.


The Grey Knights Omnibus by Ben Counter – Review

the grey knights

When the worst comes true and you realize that the first book in the trilogy is not worth it, but you already bought the Grey Knights Omnibus (the full trilogy), what do you do? I threw the book away, then picked it up and put it on the shelf. Next thing you know, I was trying to sell it. Somehow the sale didn’t go through and, some months later, I tried reading it again.

And surprise, surprise. It’s a pretty good book. I even got teary at one point. And for a novel in the Warhammer 40K franchise, that is indeed high praise. Though I hate to say it, this is a case when the prologue is so bad it almost deters you from reading a series.

Information of The Grey Knights Omnibus

The Grey Knights Omnibus contains three novels written by Ben Counter, one of the oldest authors of the Black Library. The omnibus was released for the first time in 2009. As the name says, the novels focus on the Grey Knights Chapter of the Space Marines. What makes them special is that they are a secretive Chapter working together with the Inquisition to defeat the Chaos daemons wherever they appear. Also, Chaos never managed to corrupt any of them, and that’s a big deal.


Fifteen Hours by Mitchel Scanlon – Review

Fifteen Hours

Do you ever think how awful war is? Especially when you don’t even have a choice about it. Your enemies will kill you because they are mindless beasts who only want to make war (or WAAAGH!) and your allies will kill you if you don’t respect orders, even if these so-called orders are sometimes nonsensical and will guarantee your death. Yeah, that is what it is to be a simple human in Warhammer 40K. The book Fifteen Hours will show you exactly this.

Fifteen Hours Info

The short novel Fifteen Hours by Mitchel Scanlon delivers a breath of fresh air in a universe populated by post-human Space Marines, god-like humans fighting terrible powers from the warp, and alien entities that could kill a single human with a flick of the wrist. The title Fifteen Hours refers to the average human lifetime in the trenches of war in this universe. It is a standalone novel in this Universe. The book can be an entry point if you want to know about the lives of regular humans. There are some little pieces of lore, but you don’t need to have any preexisting knowledge to enjoy this story.