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Sacrosanct and other stories – Review


This must be my first foray into the Age of Sigmar literature. Before Warhammer Age of Sigmar, there was Warhammer Fantasy and I, like any true novices, know nothing about that either. So what is “Sacrosanct and other stories”? It is an anthology of short stories centered on, well, the worlds and characters living in the world of the Age of Sigmar.

The Age of Sigmar literature started with the Realmgate Wars Saga, which is unanimously not recommended because it acts as an introduction of models and campaign of the tabletop game, called, of course, Age of Sigmar. There are some short stories in this book that relate to that era and events, and not surprisingly, are my least favorite. There are so dull that I understand why Age of Sigmar managed to upset all the fans of the Warhammer Fantasy at release. The game was not yet fully formed and even the narrative couldn’t hold a candle against the shadow of what Warhammer Fantasy had been before. (Again, it’s not my personal opinion as I discovered this setting relatively recently and I have yet to read any volume of Warhammer Fantasy.)

Sacrosanct and Age of Sigmar

But AoS is not so bad, after all – judging only from this volume of short stories. There is plenty to like here, from the imaginative fantasy settings to the weird Stormcast Eternals copied straight from Space Marines of 40K.