Cyber Walden

Cyber Walden

We have just published a new eBook from cultural researcher Bogdan Albina (edited by Richard Povall).

BF Skinner wrote his novel Walden Two just after World War II in order to deal with some problems whose nature was more social and local rather than technological and global. The end of the war brought hope for a bright future, and the human collective mind was already aligned with dreams of utopia. In Walden Two, Skinner decided to apply his behavioural engineering skills in order to demonstrate how a small imagined collective would deal with the production of goods and personal issues in a sustainable environment. He argued that human behaviour is not prone to random acts of fate, but instead, is a system aligned with certain rules and habits, and therefore can be trained.

This book re-examines Walden Two fictional society through the lens of the 21st Century and asks how utopias and intentional communities might function in the digital age.

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Coming Home

What does it mean to find yourself? What is the difference between being and existing?

In your search for meaning, you’ll encounter natural wonders, conflicting feelings, and unexpected friendships in the most unlikely places. A story about humanity and nature, journeys and destinations, “Coming Home” asks a simple question: Who are you?

Are you ready to discover?

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Coming Home

Gamified Life: Signs and Meanings

Video games, artificial intelligence, virtual realities, storytelling, and human behavior. Playful design and gamification. All are parts of the modern game called life. While many can reject these ideas, it is certain that games have become a central focus in our daily life.

What does it all mean? How does it affect us? How can we leverage the power of games to create meaningful lives? And can we seek new forms of playful communication and experience or that is all there is?

Gamified Life Signs and Meanings

3W: Convergens

Three worlds.
Two societies.
One rebel.

Dark_Star is on a quest to find the master of the Endgame, while Stella comes to grips with her lost memories, awakened in a world she doesn’t recognize. A discussion on the nature of reality, society, and artificial intelligence.

Cyberpunk like you’ve never seen before. Could it be SolarPunk?

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3W Convergens

Stribog’s Travel Guide for the Penniless Adventurer

An average guy sets out to save his crush but he gets lost and a dragon eats him.

A spectacular story of unrequited love and travel in a land of “hell, no!” and “you’ve got to be kidding me”. Punctuated with travel tips and witty remarks that nobody asked for.

What do you mean this is a spoiler? I’m building hype here. Don’t you want to know what happens next?

Let’s be honest here.

I hate long descriptions.

You hate long descriptions. You’re probably wondering about the story, not about what I’m promising the story is about.

So go check it out. It’s worth it.

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Stribog's Travel Guide for the Penniless Adventurer